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  • How do you know if you are paying the right amount? Are you under-insured or over-insured?
  • Are you covered for everything you should be?
  • How do you combine business and personal insurances successfully
  • What insurances should you consider as your business grows?

The world of insurance can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming.  Moira doesn’t  expect you to be an expert – that’s what she is here for, but don’t  just take our word for it!

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Moira Kemp

Moira Kemp has immense passion for the area she lives in North Canterbury and travels extensively around Canterbury and the South Island visiting clients. Her skills as a leader, a communicator and a relationship builder ensure that Moira is able to build lasting business relationships that are based on excellent service. There are a huge range of products and policies on offer and many people simply tick the boxes when it comes to renewing policies. Moira will keep you up-to-speed with changes and ensure you have right cover at the best possible price.

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“Moira used to manage the professional indemnity insurance for our office many years ago. I had the opportunity to reconnect with Moira and I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and drive to get the best results for her clients. Moira is now our insurance broker again and so far has proved her “weight in gold”. I would recommend any business take advice from Moira as you will not be disappointed.”
– Tania McKenzie, Willams McKenzie Lawyers


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

The importance of having a fully trained and well versed insurance broker, whether it be relative to house insurance or large corporate risks is imperative for ‘peace of mind’ when covering your financial assets. Moira will work with you to make that happen. Moira (027) 4119044


A Creative and Innovative Agency Serving the South Island

North Canterbury is in a growth spurt, which is so exciting for the district ,and being a part of this is exciting for me. I spend part of each month in Nelson so can call on anyone in the Marlborough area. Making a claim can be a stressful business. If you work with a broker, you’ll have someone in your corner, working on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you - I would always be your claims advocate”. Moira (027) 4119044


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

“With more than 40 years’ experience and a few long stints overseas, (my last role CEO of a group of 60 broking houses), I have built a wealth of expertise and experience that I apply to offer clear and simple advice. It also helps that I love what I do every day! - Moira (027) 4119044


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands - whether you are in Canterbury or Marlborough

Moira takes pride in building relationships through quality service and is happy to meet to discuss your options - even to give you an review of your current covers with no obligations. Moira (027) 4119044

you are in good hands

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Next to your home, KiwiSaver is most people’s largest investment, so it is important that it is set up in a way that maximises returns to allow you to live the retirement that you want.

Why use an adviser?

Like insurance, we can give you options. Rather than going to one provider who only has their line of products, we are able to suit the best fund to you, from a variety of options.

We are also there as things change, so that we can assist with first home buyer withdrawals, changing your funds as your needs change, as well as transferring an overseas pension.

Why Join Kiwisaver?

Many small contributions add up to a lot. When this is combined with compound growth (interest being earned on interest), the returns are significant.

Without KiwiSaver, what is the plan for retirement? Government Superannuation is currently 672.22 per fortnight after tax per. This is for a person living as a couple.

Balancing risk and return

When determining the type of KiwiSaver fund that suits you, it is important to consider your own attitude to risk and volatility and that the most important aspect is time. Specifically, how long it will be before you are able to withdraw your funds out?

Essentially there are two times when you can withdraw your money – when you are buying your first house, and at age 65.

This means that for a lot of time there are many years until you can withdraw your money. Therefore it is inconsequential whether your funds go up or down during this time, it only matters when you need to take them out.

As a general guideline, based on your needs, you would chose:

  • Withdrawing funds within two years, you would choose a defensive fund.

  • Withdrawing funds within two to five years, you would choose a conservative fund.

  • Withdrawing funds after more than five years, you would choose a balanced or aggressive fund.

Although the prospect of volitile balances may be daunting, the difference in the end result can be huge.

The above figures are based on a 30 year old earning $70,000pa and contributing 3%.

The lower figure of $494,969 is based on a moderate fund returning 3%.

The higher figure of $1,129,575 is based on a geared growth fund returning 6.6%.

These figures are from KiwiSaver provider Booster, are  inflation adjusted, and are net of fees and tax.

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